We, the TASK, introduce ourselves as an NGO registered under Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 working in the field of Vocational Work for Special Need Persons.

TASK was formed to provide vocational facilities to differently abled persons. With our limited resources, we have been conducting Training Sessions for Differently Abled at regular interval. Such training is provided in the field of Block Printing, Terracotta Jewelery Making & Painting, Stitching, Pom Pom Making etc.

These training sessions are normally one day duration and are conducted in a temporary place, a vacant flat in residential colony. Presently, such sessions are being conducted on weekends as no permanent place is available with us.

Task NGO Team


There are a large number of persons with special needs having lower than normal physical and mental capabilities. While they are able to get some facilities related to academics in the initial years, adequate facilities to provide them some regular work and social security is not available, especially once such persons grow up. Primary objective of TASK is
1. To help Mentally & Physically handicapped individuals in finding out useful vocational work and get them settled in life.
2. To assist the Mentally & Physically Handicapped persons to realize their needs by providing the tools to make them self-reliant,
earn sustainable income and to make positive changes in the lives of such people.


Our vision is to have our own set up of vocational training to persons with special needs. Besides, we would like to have regular employment of such persons in making & selling different items so that such persons can be engaged in a positive manner and earn their livelihood.
This will essentially require:
· Permanent Place to carry out vocational work
· Facilities & Equipment for vocational training to special needs persons
· Arranging useful work which can be performed by such persons
· Arrangements for marketing of additional products made by them